South Korea Passes Bill to directly Punish Hack

South Korea Passes Bill to Directly Punish Hack Makers

It looks like we can put a W in the column for online gamers around the world – and especially in Korea.

The South Korean parliament has passed an amendment to a law on promoting the gaming industry. Based on this law, manufacturing and distributing programs that are not allowed by the game company and its Terms of Service is now directly illegal.

That would include aimbotters, hacking programs, scripters, or anything not allowed by the ToS.

The punishment? A maximum of 5 years jail time or $43,000 in fines (50 million KRW).

Now gaming companies won’t have to rely on indirect laws in order to sue and accuse hack/scruot makers and ditributors – which make life immensely easier for Riot Korea and Blizzard Korea.

Overwatch, in particular, has seen gacking run rampant in South Korea with Blizzard fighting back with bans against players utilizing the hacks. While the bans have stopped some players from playing, it’s good to know that they will have the weapons they need to fight back with the backing of the Korean government.

This is also good for players on servers around the world, as many of these hacks originate in Korea – meaning we are likely to see far less of them on the market. There were many reports of Korean users utilizing VPNs in Korean PC bankg s to use aimbots without fear – they would simply buy a new account on the NA server if they got banned.

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