Securing the Internet of things with Blockchain

Securing the Internet of Things (IoT) with Blockchain

IoT is creating new opportunities and providing a competitive advantage for businesses in current and new markets. It touchese everything – not just the data, but how, when, where and why you collect it. The technologies that have created the Internet of Things aren’t changing the internet only, but rather change the things connected to the internet-the devices and gateways on the edge of the network that are now able to request a service or start an action without human internention at many levels.

Because the generation and analysis of data is so essential to the IoT, consideration must be given to protecting data throughout its life cycle. Managing information at all levels is complex because data will flow across many administrative boundaries with different policies and intents.

Given the various technological and physical components that truly make up an IoT ecosytem, it is good to conside rthe IoT as a system-of-systems. The archietecing of these systems that provide business value to organizations will often be a complex undertaking, as enterprise architects work to deesign integrated solutions that include edge devices, applications, transports, protocols, and anlytics capabilities that make up a fully functioning ioT system. This complexity introduces challenges to keeping the IoT secure, and ensuring that a particular instance of the IoT cannot be used as a jumping off point to attack other enterprise information technology (IT) systmes.

Interneational Data Corportaion estimates that 90% of organizations that implement the IoT will suffer an IoT-based breach of back-end IT systmes by the year 2017.

Challenges to Seucre IoT Deployments
Regardless of the role your business has within the Internet of Things ecosystem – device manufactureer, solution provider, cloud provider, systems integrator, or servie provider – you need to know how to get the greatest benefit fro mthis new technology that offers such highly diverse and rapidly changing opportunities.

Handlig the enormous volume of existing and projected data is daunting. Managing the inevitable complexities of connecting to a seemingly unlimtied list of devices is complicated. And the goal of turning the deluge of data into caluable actions seems impssible because of the many challenges. The existing security technologies will play a role in mitigating ioT risks but they are not enough. The goal is to get data securely to the right place, at the right time, in the right format; it’s easier said than done for many reasons.

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