Big Data is a big mess for hedge funds hunting for trade signals.

Big Data Is a big mess for hedge funds hunting for trade signals.

It was big data’s big moment.
the most unfathomable U.S. presidentail race in memory gave Predata, a startup firm backed by hedge fund manager kyle Bass, a chance to cut through the vitriol and coolly calculate the winner by monitoring chat data. urns out that Predata, which anointed Hillary Clinton the likely victor days before the Nov.8 vote, was no smarter than the cable news pundits.

The bad call is a reminder of the pitfalls hedge funds face as they try to profit from a world awash in data. After years of sluggish returns, firms seeking fresh ideas are joining the data revolution, tapping the torrent of social media, setellite and personal information already used by airlines to forecast ticket sales and health experts to track illnesses. But so far few managers have mastered the art of spotting cleare trading signals buried in all the noise.

There are those who realize their industry is changing and their fund isn’t going to exist if they don’t adapt, said Matei Zatreanu, who led data efforts at 19 billion hedge fund King Street capital mangement. But not many of them know what they are doing, except a few. Two sigma, which says it was exploiting big data before it was a buzzword, is one of the handful. The 37 billion hedge fund has otperformed rivals partly by using machine-learning algorithms to find trading signals in the data. Now traditional hedge unds, which have relied on information such as company filings and shopping surves, are on the hunt.

Russian has officially banned Linkedln.
The country’s communications regulator has balcklisted the social network for professionals because it has not compied with personal data storage regulations. The site was inaccessible from Russian on Thrusday. Linkedln had been found to be in violation of a rule requiring data on Russian citizens to be sotred on servers inside the country. Two different courts had previously ruled against Linkedln on the matter.

Linkedln, which is being acquired by Microsoft for 26 million, said it was aware that users couldn’t access the site. The company said it wanted to meet with commnications regulator Roskomnadzor to discuss the data storage issue.
Russia’s law on personal data storage came into effect in Sep 2015.

A spoeksman for Russian President Vlamdimir Putin shortly after the ban was announced that Russian institutions are under the law and this company also has to oberve the law. He said the Kremlin would not get involved in the decision. Moscow has increasingly been at loggerheads with Western tech comanies. Google was found to be in violation of Russian antitrust rules in 2015 over the apps that come with tis Android smartphones.

Meanwhile, the U.S. has accused Russia of hacking major U.S. political insitutions during the 2016 election. Last month, a 29-year-old Russian was arrested in Prague on suspicion of hacking Linkedln, Dropbox and a third web service. He was wanted by the FBI in connection with the theft of 117 million Linkdln passwords and login credentials.

Linkedln has shown a willingness in the past to comply with foreign regulations. In 2014, it agreed to censor content on its china network deemed sensitive by the government. Google, Facebook, and Twitter, which have not taken similar steps, remian blocked by Beijing.

Apple offers free battery replacement for iPhone 6S shutdown problem.
Apple has admitted that some iPhone 6S devices can suddenly shut down for no apparent reason.
The tech giant is offering owners of the problematic smartphones free replacement batteries. A very small number of iPhone 6S devices manfactured between September and October 2015 are affected, Appe said in a statement Monday. It didn’t provide details on the battery fault that is causing the phones to unexpectedly go dark.

Apple’s announcement comes less than a week after a consumer watch group in China launched an investigation into the problem. A considerable number of Chinese users reported their iPhone 6 and 6S devices would suddenly turn off despite showing plenty of battery life, the China Consumers Association said in a statement. the phones would not turn back on even when plugged into chargers, accroding to the consumer group.

Appe siad the attery problem is not a safety issue. Its big rival Samsung pulled its flagship Galaxy Note 7 smartphone after repeated reports of the devices bursting into flames. Samsung initially said batteries in some Note 7 phones were to balme but is yet to fully explain the cause.

Apple’s battery replacement offer for the iPhone 6S applies worldwide. Owners of eligible phones with cracked screens will have to repair them before getting the new battery, apple said. Consumers were plagued by a similar iPhone probelm earlier this year. A software glitch with the iPhone 6S and 6S plus caused the battery icon

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