What are the most important things to do before your resignation?

What are the most important things to do before your resignation?
A few suggestions of what to do before your resign :
Make sure you have all the contact information for colleagues and clients you will want to network with during your job search. As soon as you give notice, let them know you are seeking a new employment opportunity and would like their help.

Up date your resume so you are ready to apply for job opportunities. Be ready to go to an interview. Start the application process immediately. Take copies of your performance reviews and examples of your work (as long as these actions don’t violate company policy). Delete personal messages from you email (they won’t go away, but someone will have to go looking for them). Find out about COBRA-the extension of your medical/dental/vision benefits(you will do this afte ryou give your notice but before you leave the site)

Trumps keeps up threat to refuse election result

If Donald Trump is going down, it’s going to be with a fight.
As tens of millions of Americans haeded to the polls on Tuesday, the Republican nominee continued to voice potential refusal to accept the election results, should he be declared the loser, questioning the integrity of the presidential contest even before it was complete. We have to see how it is, Trump said on Fox News, and hopefully everything is going to be on the straight and up. Trump’s declaration, made after he voted in Manhattan on Tuesday and in separate radio and television inverviews, added fresh drama to an Election Day alrady full of it, as control the White House and senate were on the line, with

There are reports that when people vote for republicans the entire ticket switches over to Democrates, said Trump, who plans to watch the returns roll in with his family at Trump Tower. You have seen that. It’s happening at various places tday it has been reported. He later tweeted, citing a report about problems in Utah.

Heding into the election, Hillary Clinton led in most national polls, and in enugh battleground states to reeach the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the White House. But Trump, buoted by his energetic croweds in the closing days, dismissed those findings : I thinkg a lot of the polls are phony.

Both in Clinton’s Brooklyn headquarters and at Trump Tower, there are two key tranches of stated that the campaigns were monitoring most closely on Tuesday. The first – Ohi, Florida and North Carolina – are worth a combined 62 electrocal voted and all three are within the margin of error in polls. Trump is widely believed to need a clean sweep of all three to have a chance of victory, wit hOhio seen as the likeliest to land i nthe GOP column.

The second set of Democratic-leaning states – Michigan, Pennsylavania, New Hampshire, Nevada and, to a lesser extent, Wisconsin and Minnesota – Trump would additionally need to pick off some combination of in order to win. Trump is also viewed as the narrow frontrunner in Iowa, a state which voted twice for President Barack Obama.

Our gateway is North Caralina, Ohio, Iowa, Florida, and then we start looking at their map and start peeling away, siad David Bossie, Trump’s deputy campagin manage, on MSNBC on Tuesday.

Michigan, in particular, emerged as a surprise late battleground, as neither campaign invested heavily in ads there .But Clinton, Trump, Obama, Mike Pence and others all blitezed the state in the final days. Trump has not led there in a poll all year but his team has signaled bullishness about his improving standing in the waning days.

The pools first close , in Indiana and Kentucky, at 6 p.m. Eastern, followed by a half dozen states in the next two hours, Then, at 8 p.m., a wave of staec across the eastern seaboard and as far west as texas wil close.

As Clinton voted near her home in Chappaqua, she expressed cautious optimism. I know how much reponsibility goes with this and so many people are counting on the outcome of this election, Clinton said.

For many Republicans, Electio nDay meant an end to a months-long balancing act between their support for their part’s unlikely nominee and the pursuit of swing votersmany believe they need to win in their own races.

In Pennsylvania, Sen. Pat Toomey, who for months has refused to say who he weil lbote for, put off voting until 6:45 p.n., not long before the polls close in his state. In rizona, Sen. John McCain voted but wouldn’t talk aobut the top of the ticket.

I am not, and have not, and will not, okay, McCain said. I will not.

Why the Baylor scandal isn’t the NCAA’s jurisdiction
Accoridng to The Wall Street Jurnal, the NCAA will not at this time discipline Baylor in the wake of the fooball team’s secual assault scandal. The National Collegiate Athletic Association has notified baylor that it won’t exert its executive authority to impose sweeping sanctions against the school for braod institutional failings, and will instead follow its normal investigatiove process, according to people familiar with the matter.

But why?
That’s a fair question to ask of the institution that hammered Penn State, only later to renege on these wide-ranging sanctions.
The NCAA gave an historic punishment to the program in 2012 in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal, including a four-year bowl ban, vacated wins, scholarship reductions and a $60 million fine. The scholarship sanctions were previously reduced in Sep 2013.

But that fiasco – which led to years-long legal battling, largely over exactly how to spend that $60 million – is the reason the NCAA is staying on the sidelines in this case, according to the WSJ.

The NCAA’s aggression in the Penn State case really backfired, says B.David Ridpath, and Ohio University professor of sports a administartion. I douby you will ever see the NCAA do anything like that again.

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