Five Ways to land a Programming Job Without a Degree

Five Ways to land a Programming Job Without a Degree

Bill Gates didn’t need one – and neither do you. more so than any other profession, the sfotware industy hones in on what you can do rather than what degree you have .Generally, graduates do have an advantage – but it’s no subsititute for enthusiasm and a great portfolio of work.

According to a glassdoor report, 10 of the 25 Best Jobs in America for 2016 were in tehcn, as more companies realize the potential of the online and mobile market. The opportunities are out there – here is how to grab them wit hboth hands.

1. Learn How to code
The tech industry’s a friendly place, with plenty of free online resources and gropus at the click of a button.
If you just want to learn the basics, Free code camp and code academy are both great starter platforms that allow you to connect with other coders and help complete non-profit projects in the process.

If you want to make a career out of programming then intensive bootcamps and progessional training programs are seriously worth considering. Some coding schools, like Thinkful, even guarantee a job to anyone who completes their web development programs – or you get your money back. These courses then to be expensive but should be seen as an investment.

A cheaper alternative is Udemy. udemy features over 40,000 courses on everything from Java and HTML5 to iOS 10 development. It a fantastic resource for coders with varying budgets, as they offer both free and paid options.

2. Prove How good you are
guthub- another tool that’s free at the point of registration – allows you to review code collaboratively and contribute to the hugely popular open source community. It’s a great little tool that can help you buld a portfolio and ,better still, work with a company you one day want to land a job with.


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