Hillary Clinton’s Real Bahrain Scandal

hillary clinton’s Real Bahrain Scandal?

Descibing a country as a land of paradox is a horrid cliche of foreign policy writing, but it’s unfortunately how we must begin our examination of Bahrain. The tiny Middle Eastern nation is majority-Shia yet ruled by Sunnis, wealthy yet with a very high unemployment rate, an island tht often seems enveloped Lesotho-like by Saudi Arabia. Bahrain tends to get lost in our discussions about the Middle East, blurred in with that agglomeration known as the Gulf states, thoguh during the arab spring, at least for a couple weeks, it came front and center.

Inspired by protests in Egypt and Tunisia, anti-government demonstrators spilled into the Bahraini capital of Manama in February 2011, converging on the Pearl Roundabout, a traffi circle towered over by a monument that resembled a white stone. The regnatn al-Khalifa monarchy, on what would become known as Bloody Thursday, cleared the junction, but this only inginted public fury. The protest grew and the khalifas eventually requested assistance from the Gulf Cooperation Council. On March 14, dozens of armored vehicles carrying Saudi and UAE troops came rumbling across the King Fahd causeway and into Bahrain. Protesters grimaced and experienced dejavu

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