Community website tutorial

Community webstie tutorial
What is a social networking/community website

A social network community represetns and connects people that share common interests in a certain area. The members of a social network community can manage their profiles through the functionality provided by the social network website they use. The common area of interests enables users of the community webstie to meet new friends and like-minded people. Users connect with each other, rate peers and objects, ask questins, get answers and discuss relevant topics.

What is SocialGo?
All about community
We are the leading social website procier for those that are passionate about their comunity. We give you the platform to build an online hub for the people you want to connect with.

With all your favorite social features, hosting and expanding your community is simple when you have all the right tools.

The one social platform for all your community’s needs.
We believe that your website should look just the way you want it. And it should be simple and straightforward to customize it in every aspect. S whatever your individual community may be, it can have the potential to grow online.

What is the average annual salary of a freelance web developer?
That fully depends on your skill set, experience, ability to sell yourself, and how much time and energy yu are willing to put in. To throw some numbers your way from my experience in being a web dev for about 12 years now and a freelancer for the alst 6, when I started freelancing I was doing about 40K a year but I didn’t have afull workload as I was building up a base. These days I have been lucky enough to have gotten in with some great repeat clients and big agencies in San –
The better ones work for aorund 100/hour. Lets say 20% of your time is dedicated towards CRM, chasing slaes & marketing so you have about 1040 hours to work per yeaer. Assuming you have a decent portfolio and leverage a 40/hour rate, you would look at 41,600 to start

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