Ultimate WordPress Guide

Ultimate wordpress Guide : Customize 101
Teaching you how to build and launch a shiny new website or a blog using wordpress is what we are all about here at webstiesetup.org.

Keep in mind that this is a follow-up guide for those two WordPress tutorials

How to Create a Blog.
Quick and Easy-to-follow GUide, start your blog in ~20min.
Want to knwo how to create a blog?
Fantastic. I wil lguide you through it.
I have been building blogs and websitese for over a decade.
SOme for myself, just to generate passive advertising income through Google Adsense and other ad platforms. Some for my clients. After all, my passion is web development.

But.. I have often felt bad making clients pay me to set up a new blog for them. It’s not because I don’t want to help. It’s because I feel guilty…setting up a blog is just too simple. Anyonw can do it.

But, why blogging? What’s in it for me?
There are several reasons why people start a blog.
1. Make money through blogging. It’s no secret that people use blogs to make money. I’m doing it too. Not everyone will succeed, but if you put a lot of work in it, the chances are high.

2. To get more clients to their exisitng business. A blog is probably the best digital channel to find new clients and drive additional leads to your business.

3. To wirte . Sometimes people just want to write – and there is nothing wrong with that.

4. To share expertise&land job opportunities. CV’s and resumes are old-school. If you truly want to shine, there is no better way to include a blog instead of a CV in your job application

Steps to Creat a Blog
To make things easier for you, I have put this guide together in a step-by-step format :
1. Choose your blogging platform in this guide, I will be using wordpress.
2. Find a web hosting and a domain name for your blog.
3. Install wordpress
4. Customize and design your blog.
5. Additional tips for making your blog successful.

P.S. If you get stuck during the set up process – don’t hesitate to get in touch with me through my contact page.
1. Choose your blogging platform. Blogging platform is your blog’s engine. From there you can manage your content, images and everything else associated with you blog. Without the blogging platform, you can’t do much.
Good news : Bloggin platforms are free.

Which blogging blatform should I use?
There are many different options for that, but generally people tent t o use WordPress.
It’s the most popular and probably the best blogging platform on Earth.

I might sound a bit biased, but there is a reason wordpress powers 91% of all blogs worldwide.

Moy own site, website setup.org runs on Worldpress latform too.

In the past, I have also tried blogger, Tumblr and some others. While some of these are decent options, they all fail to match wordpress’ flexibility.

If you are serious about starting a blog, honestly, look no further than wordpress.

Should I use the free option of wordpress or go with the self-hosted route.
Now we knwo that wordpress is the bloggign platform that runs on 90% of the blogs we s ee on the internet. However, things are not really that black and whith when it comes to choosing between thier basic free option and self -hosted option.

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