The fatal mistake of Samsug’s galaxy note

The fatal mistake that doomed samsung’s galaxy note.
on the verge of challenging apple’s mobile phone dominace, the South korean company made a rushed decision, bgased on oncomplete evidence, that later forced it to kill the model.

The X-ray and CT scans showed a pronounced bulge.
After reports of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones catching fire spread in early september, samsung electronics co. executives debated how to repond. Some were skeptical the incidnets amounted to much, accroding to people familiar with the meetings, but others thought the company needed to act decisively.

A laboratory report said scans of some faulty devices showed a protrusion in Note 7 batteries supplied by Samsung SDI co., a company affiliate, while phones with batteriese fro manother supplier didn’t

It wasn’t a definitive answer, and there was no explanation for the bulges. But with consumers complaining and telecom operators demanding answers, newly appointed mobiled chief D.J Koh felt the company knew eniugh to recall 2.5 million phones. His suggestion was backed by Suamsung’s third-generation heir apparent, lee jae-young, who ahs advocated for more opennes at one of the world’s most opaque conglomerates.

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