Who is Amit Ghosh?

Amit Ghosh.
You need to do affiliate marketing, photo-shopping, video editing, website development, drop shipping, client management, forex trading, stock markets, tshirt business, ecommerce sites, adsense sites, reading tons of books and making tons of friends. My deepeest apologies if I have missed to reply you in email. Although I try to accommodate to all my emails, but it hard for me to give a thogutful replies to every personal emails.

To know about the money you need to know about the story.
It will be long but I will try to give you the gist out of me. If you read here Amit Ghosh’s answer to web Developers, I was fortunate to make 753324 last year. It’s a good amount of money for a 23 year old guy but no it is not I have a 18 year old cline who made nearly 2million/year with his ppas and another guy who runs drop-shipping store makes around 1.4m/year

Like every person I have a major failure issue – I used to trust to people easily and people used to leech on my money making skills bankrupting me. It happended in my second year when I closed my startup Dirtyminds which had agood revuene.

using trust man. press trust

What are the best online web development courses?

The complete web developer boot camp course
Learn HTML, CSS, JS, Node, JQuery, and more in this 45-hour course. Get 75% off today.
If you have software development experience in other fields, when you look for jobs the expectation is typically that you will be able to quickly ramp up and contribute, and can work as an intermediate level web developer. To prepare to meet this expectation, your learning focus shouldn’t be fun and personal growth focused like the first scenario, but to aim to have a thorough understanding of the web stack and the current best practices of a development stack.

If possible, pick a lanugae that’s closer to your current working language, and one with lots of job poortunities. As of this writing, i’d consider Java, JavaScript, Ruby and Python. If you already prgram in one of these languages, stick with that and elarn it really well. I don’t find lots of online courses that teach languages beyond the beginner level, so I’ suggest that you pick up a canonical book of your language of choice. See a list below.

Learn the foundations of web development concpets : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTTP and databases. This is an important step – don’t jump into frameworks right away. This is the foundation that all web development practives are based on, so if you have good understanding of these topics, getting into the h

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