What language web development

What programing languages should I learn for web development?
My goal is to build a text based game online, like a choose your own adventure game/interactive books. I have never coded vbefore. I have done some research and I think I am more interested in back-end web development. Please correct me if the term is wrong. I don’t want to creat graphics. I would like to knwo the best language in your opinion a complete newbie shoud learn. I am pretty sure I will need the basics, HTML, CSS, and JAvaScript, am I correct?
But after that which way should I head?
also, if anyone know of any resources to help learn any of the langues I will need to learn? If not, It’s fine, this isn’t as importnat as figuring out which languages to head for first.
Well I would recommend you follow the same order as the list below : HTML and CSS
2. Javascript 3. JQuery
4. AngularJS
1. HTML and CSS
2. Javascript
3. JQuery
4. AngularJS
5. PHP and MySQL
6. Ruby
7. Ruby n Rails
How do I learn web development as quickly as possible?
What does it take for a guy with a commerce background to learn PHP web development as soon as possible. I would like to develop something like Quora on my own.
1. At a Strategic Level
Mant of the best self-taught programmers are incredibly passionate about solving problems, often problems they had temselves. They started by learning the simple tricks and tools necessary to make their computer-facilitated lives a little easier and graduated to solving more and more complex problems on the web.
The most motivationg way to learn is to have a problem you desperately want to solve, whether it’s building a statup, apersonal website, automating atedious task… anything that gets you emtionally involved enough to get through the inevitable pain periods when you will be clawing at Google looking for the cause tof a particular issue.
A close second is if you need to learn to get a job so you can eat and put a roof over your haed.
How/where to start as a front-end web developer?
UI/UX Developer. A good design makes this world a better place to live.
First, make sure you are aware of the basics of CSS, JavaScript and HTML. You may learn about them through various blogs, tutorials as mentioned by.
What is new technology in web design?
It seems microservices are quite the rage right now. If you have the ability to produce microservices in a new system, it’s definitely recommnede. In a legacy system, it’s alittle more difficult to shave of services through a fat SOA.
How do billionaries travel?
Going anonymous for obvious reasons. A school friend of mine belongs to a billionaire family, his family’s net worth would be in the 2B range.
I have traveled extensively with him and the answer is it really depedns on the situation. Billionaires are very pragmatic and business focused, time = money and the best way to trvel is the fasted and most convenient one for the occasion.
Air travel – typically business class on a good airline. Could be coach class if traveling as a part of a larger group, he frequently also gets upgraded to first class due to frequent flyer miles. The yfly first class when they feel like spluring, typically on a special vacation like an anniversary
They had a Gulfstream jet earlier (about 50M new) that was sold off because it was too much of a hassle to maintain, so they have purchased a fractional jet ownership which I am told is used very rarely, typically for urgent business needs and not for personal use
Supposed believed by many people to be true, but not proven and often doubted by the person who is speaking or writing : Nighttime experiments demonstrated that supposed eyewithnesses could not have seen anyone clearly enough to identify them at the distances dscribed. The cost of the plan far outweighs its supoosed benefits.
responsible The children are supposed to be at school by 8:45 a.m.
intended : These batteries are supposed to last for a year. If you are not supposed to do something you are not allowed to do it. You are supposed to park here.
considered by many people Her new book is supposed to be excellent.
pet to touch an animal or person gently and affectionately with the hands.
to touch an animal orperosn gently and affectionately with the hands.
to meet someone unexpectedly, or to experience, esp. something unpleasant : in the kitchen I encountered a woman I had never seen before. He was shocked by the hostility he encountered.

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