Where can I find reliable web designers in South Korea?

비용, 시간 개발이 가장 적게 소요 된다.
Where can I find reliable web desginers in South Korea?
I am looking for Web desingers located in South Korea who can do a proper job at building wireframes and orignal mouckups; agencies, freelancers, anything will do. I am not looking for a cheap option, just reliable ones.
I strongly recommned working with Youngdoo Moon and Dave Jansen, who have done incredible work for me in the past. You can contact them on Twitter


like this we can communicate with other people by using English.

Sioure implements CMMI and Agiles Software Development Techniques, these methodologies, along with adaptive planning, allow our solutions to evolve and ensure that thyey are flexible to change. We also use Object oriented Analysis paired with Unified Modeling Language as a standard way to visualize the designs of our systems architectural blueprints, resulting in nothing but excellence.
Capability Maturity Model Integration Process
Our Solutions Evlove and are Flexible to Change
CMMI comprises of a set of Process Areas which our solutions undergo to ensure effective funactionality, though Sioure had not been CMMI appraised, we adhere to standards this software development structure to maintain the production of streamline, highend solutions.
Object Oriented Technologies
Faster and more Efficient Applications
Mentioned earlier, Object oriented technologies with component-based architecture are used on our projects here at Sioure. This helps for efficient and easy manintencance for upgrading an application. Some of the best Middleeware application server like TOMCAT Server, JBOSS are also used in our projct development.
Our Development Process
Stey by Step guide to Excellence.
Receipt of requirement documentation or information
Exchange of correspondences for clarifications, if needed
Proposal submission based on the scope freezed
Client Approval, Contracts Signed, Project Commencement
Detailed Analysis of requirements
Technica lDocumentation High level and Low Level
Designing Database Desgin, Code Desgin, Process Design, interface Design
Testing Unit testing, Intergration testing, Regression testing, User acceptance  testing, Load testing if required.
Implemnetation and Handover training or User Manuals
For additional information.
I am looking into providing web development services to Korean companies or companies that base in Korea. I am into web designing with portal development experiences and well verse in php and databases. But currently I am not base in Korea.
I am a web sesigner. i design in html/css/javascript and php. I am stationed now in South korea. If someone should need a web sesigner contact me. you can cehck my design site gere
Who are web designers and web developers from Kroea that are active on Quora?
Tell us about yourself, what you are workign on, how you got into it, some of your goals, and things that you enjoy discussing related to the design and development of websites.
speaking is week so I will 제공하다 스크립트를 말이다 클릭해서 볼 수 있도록 작성해서 보내기 사람들은 무엇을 선호할지 궁금하기 하다만 나의 경우에는 효율적으로 보길 원하므로 이것보다 글을 작성하는 것을 선호한다.

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