United History Since 1877 research paper in Syallbus

One research paper -100 Points- Research papers are not designed to test the student’s capacity
to regurgitate information but are crafted in a manner that will demonstrate the student’s ability
to provide a complex analysis of the relevant subject matter. Research papers will answer a
particular question that relates to our lectures or a supplemental reading that will be provided by
the instructor. Essays are to be five pages in length using standard one inch margins and 12 point
black Times New Roman font. The instructor may deduct points if papers are not the
appropriate length or if proper formatting is not used. You are to use no other sources than your
textbook, lecture notes, or supplemental reading. Assignments must be turned in at the
appropriate time. Late papers will not be accepted. All students also must submit both a
hard copy to the instructor and submit a copy to Safe Assign on Blackboard. If you have
problems submitting your paper to Safe Assign, please call university I.T. Help Desk at
662-915- 5222 or visit the Office of Information Technology located in Weir Hall. Student
papers must be uploaded to Safe Assign by 5pm on the day your essays are due. No
exceptions will be made. If a paper is not uploaded to Safe Assign, no grade will be given.

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